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M. Rocha & J. Serra, Lda. has headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Fão, close to city of Esposende, in north of Portugal.

Since of the company formation in October 2001, it has been specialized in the manufacture of frames for low, medium and high voltage power lines.

The frames were the only product manufactured by the company until 2007, when M. Rocha & J. Serra, Lda. qualifies with EDP as a manufacturer of tubular steel arms for public lighting and starts to manufacture this product as well.

In 2012, thanks to the increase in production capacity, through the acquisition of new equipment, and the improvement of the capacity and technical competence of its human resources, through the admission of qualified technicians, the company decided to enter the area of metallic structures and, given the adverse moment of the domestic market, began its internationalization process, mainly focused on the Angolan and Mozambican markets.

 The process began with the manufacture of structures to support photovoltaic panels, extending later to other type of structures.


Currently, with an industrial pavilion of 2000m², installed in a total area of 6000m², and with capable technical and human resources, the company also manufactures substations and other profiled structures in bolted and / or welded construction, covering the following sectors: Transport and Transformation of Energy, Telecommunications and Transport network (rail and road), in particular rail network, through the manufacture of poles for catenary support and other supporting structures (

The company, with a set of equipment that allows flexibility and constancy on quality, is committed to the versatility of its human resources, presenting, therefore, quick reaction to the customers' requests. This aspect is reflected in relatively short delivery times.

 Although the production of the main product is supported by specifications and design of the final customer (EDP - Portugal), the company is equipped with technical resources (hardware and software) and human resources able to develop new solutions for its customers, as well as to develop own products to meet specific market needs. However, the focus of the company is, and will be, preferably, the development of customized solutions (tailor-made solutions).

 Being aware of the importance of the relationship based on trust and security for the client, which should exist between supplier and customer, as well as the need to comply with the applicable legislation, regulation and standardization, M. Rocha & J. Serra, Lda. concluded in mid-2016 the implementation of the Factory Production Control as per EN 1090-1 and EN 1090-2 (Execution Class EXC3), within the scope of the application of ER No. 305/2011 (Construction Products), and the Quality Management System certification according to EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, which are certified by CERTIF – Associação para a certificação (Portuguese).With these certifications, the company is better able to respond consistently to customers' requests and needs and thus strengthen the commercial relationship based on a sustained chain of confidence and in respect for good practices.

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