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Bimetal Cable Lug (LV and MV)

Use: To make a connection of the conductors (aluminum) to post or forward slash (copper).
ReferenceCross-Section (mm²)Hole Diameter (mm)Application
10.01.TB.161610,5BT e MT
10.01.TB.252510,5BT e MT
10.01.TB.353512,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.505012,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.707012,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.959512,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.12012012,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.15015012,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.18518512,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.24024012,8BT e MT
10.01.TB.30030016,5BT e MT

(*) Other Sections Available Upon Request.

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