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AT EVDAN (Double Vertical Flat Frame for Angle Pole)

Use: These steel frames are for use in poles for the establishment of overhead power lines of 60KV.
ReferenceTypeUsePole effort (daN)
7.03.ATEVDAN.M04Double Vertical FlatAngle2250
7.03.ATEVDAN.M06Double Vertical FlatAngle2750
7.03.ATEVDAN.M08Double Vertical FlatAngle4000
7.03.ATEVDAN.M10Double Vertical FlatAngle5000
7.03.ATEVDAN.G08Double Vertical FlatAngle6000
7.03.ATEVDAN.G10Double Vertical FlatAngle7500
7.03.ATEVDAN.G12Double Vertical FlatAngle9000
7.03.ATEVDAN.G14Double Vertical FlatAngle11000
7.03.ATEVDAN.G16Double Vertical FlatAngle12500
7.03.ATEVDAN.G18Double Vertical FlatAngle14500
7.03.ATEVDAN.G20Double Vertical FlatAngle16500
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